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Auror Potter [userpic]
I've grown accustomed to your face - March 30th
by Auror Potter (auror_potter)
at October 13th, 2006 (11:16 pm)

Mental State: annoyed

I can’t sleep.

Even with the tent to myself, I can’t get to sleep. Moody gave everyone their leave but I get to keep working off my ‘carelessness’, fucking wanker!

I keep thinking about Ron and the fact that I miss his voice. I miss more than his voice, to be honest, but — to bloody hell with this!

I pull the mirror from my pocket and am about to call when I think better of it. He’s probably busy.

Busy doing what at this hour? He could be on rounds.

Or he could be hurt! He’s not hurt.

“How do you know?” Oh hell! I’m really losing it if I’m having an argument with myself over this! I decide to call him and actually end up waking him.

He’s sleeping? While I’m sitting here worried sick over him?

“Wake up, Ron!”


Posted by: Auror Potter (auror_potter)
Posted at: October 14th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
Harry Confused

Dammit, I dropped the fag and thankfully avoided serious injury. Glancing down into my pyjama bottoms, I sigh in relief and look back into the mirror where Ron's eyebrows have shot up into his forehead.


"Trees? Your severing them? Care to elaborate on that?" He blows out the smoke and shifts in his bed.

"What are you wearing?" I ask with a wink.

"Okay fine, if you're not going to talk then I'm going back to bed," he reaches for the mirror to break the connection when I shout "No".

"It was Mrs. Tonks," I say quickly.

"Mrs. Tonks made you cut down the trees?"

"No, no," I answer running my fingers through my hair, "she's been trying to catch me off-guard, you know?" He nods and I continue. "Well, she surprised me is all. I was rounding Remus' tent and she had her wand leveled at my head and I reacted without thinking, I guess and thankfully missed her and got the trees behind her instead."

He stares into the mirror for a while then throws his head back and laughs.

"What's so funny? I could've chopped her head off!" I hiss angrily. How can he find this funny?

"That yes," he says mid-giggles, "would have been... very funny... but... oh Merlin's beard Harry," he shakes his head and I can see his bare shoulders still shaking with giggles. "You chopped down a forest... with one hex?"

"It wasn't a forest," I mumble. "You're not helping, you know?"

"Helping with what?" He says, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Severing trees," he giggles, "honestly mate, it's almost as funny as when you blew up your aunt. What am I supposed to be helping you with?" He winks and I swear my cock twitched!

"I'm supposed to clear my mind before bed," I tell him. "You're not helping me clear my mind. Especially since now I'm thinking of you touching Tonks!"