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April 7th-To Hogwarts We Go
by Auror Potter (auror_potter)
at July 26th, 2007 (10:44 pm)

current location: Rons Bedroom the Burrow
Mental State: ,waking up
Background Chatter: Ron moaning in his sleep.

We woke early, just as the sun started to rise. Turning to nuzzle his neck, I slowly caressed his chest and watched him sleep soundly. His chest rising and falling with each breath, his skin warm and inviting, his hair mussed and wild. I love watching him when he's not aware of it. There are nuances to my best mate that I've loved from the moment we met, like the dimple on his cheek, the hollow at the base of his neck where his collarbones meet, even his rhythmic snoring is soothing.

Today we would be going to Hogwarts to talk to Dumbledore and the thought of seeing him again, of seeing Dumbledore in his portrait and not know what he might say… would he even know about Ron and I? He IS rather perceptive. Was…. Was, I'm going to be speaking to his memory, not him.

I turn to look at Ron again and kissing his neck slowly, I slide over him, caressing him with my entire body and smile when I see his eyes flutter and feel him harden under me.

"Good morning, sunshine," I say with a smile.


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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)

"Sunshine, Daisies, Buttermellow," I murmur against his lips. "Turn…"

Harry pushes his hips against mine and grinds down. My eyes fly open and when I can focus he's grinning down at me.

"That spell never worked, Ron," He grins and kisses the corner of my mouth. "We're going to Hogwarts today."

"Mmm…" I slide my hands up and down his back. "I have a few ideas."

"Do you think," Harry's hand slides between us to stroke me slowly. "He'll know about us?"

"He's," I groan and arch into his touch. "Dumbledore."

Harry's lips claim mine and his tongue traces my lower lip and he twists his hand on my shaft. I shudder and moan into his mouth.

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)

Ron arches into my hand, his eyes sliding shut as I stroke him and he's the most beautiful thing on the face of the Earth. The warm shaft grows thicker, hotter in my hand, his ragged breaths growing to a panting, needing moan that sends a delicious shiver down my spine.

"I could watch you," I say, stroking him tighter when his cock pulses in my hand, "all day… just like this."

"I'd be, oh-fuck-yes-right-there, naked," he pants, "all the time."

"And that's a bad thing?" I whisper against his neck, trailing my tongue up to his jaw, kissing and nibbling my way toward his ear.

The blankets are covering our hips and my hand movements underneath. His chest rises and falls with each panting breath, his moans turning to hitched gasps when I dip my head and lap at a hardened nipple.

"Worried?" he asks and I shudder again when his large hands slide down my back and grip my arse cheeks tightly. Squeezing, he lifts his head to kiss my cheek, his stubble rubbing against me.

"A little," I answer. "Haven't talked to, ohhhh… haven't talked to him in so long."

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)

"Be nice to talk to him," I nibble his jaw and slide my fingers down his cleft to trace his pucker. "Can we go a few places…"

"Fuck," Harry whispers as his head falls back to allow me to suck on the salty skin there. "I…yeah…wherever you want…."

"Ron! Harry!"

"Bloody hell," I flail slightly in the bed. "Mum—outside door! Hard!"

Harry rolls off me as Mum pounds her fist against the door.

"Up boys," Mum calls out. "Breakfast—Remus and Tonks will be here shortly."

"All right, Mum," I call out and hope she doesn't hear how hoarse my voice is. "I'll wake Harry."

"See that you do Ron," she pounds on the door again for good measure. "Why is this door locked?"

"So I can shag your son," Harry whispers in my ear.

"Umm…we wanted to make sure we were safe."

Harry chuckles and I can almost see Mum working herself up through the door.

"Molly—" Harry calls out before mum can shout. "Could I get eggs?"

"Of course dear," Mum says. "Maybe you can talk to Ron about his intense need to lock doors."

"Of course, Mrs. Weasley…" Harry calls back and I sigh in relief.

'"Thanks Mate."

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)

I grin down at him and grip his softening cock, stroking it from base to tip, twisting my hand as I reach the tip. Whispering in his ear, I grind against his thigh. "Seems you owe me one."

"Bloody hell, Harry," he breathes heavily, "no time."

"We'll make time," I whisper again, running my tongue along his earlobe. "Can't let this go to waste," I add stroking him faster. "Can we?"

He grips my arse again and pulls me on top of him, our cocks rubbing deliciously together. I claim his lips in a needy kiss, driving my tongue past his swollen lips, grinding against him. "Fuck, Harry!" he hisses and I swear it goes straight to my cock.

"Ron," I pant, rocking my hips. When I feel his finger… there… my cock twitches and I look down between our bodies and watch our cocks rubbing together. "Fuck you're gorgeous."

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)

"You're," I pant as I and lift my hand to my lips to suck my fingers before moving them back to his pucker. "Killing me…faster…she'll come back."

He whimpers when my wet finger circles his hole and I groan as he takes both our cocks in his hand.

"We're," Harry whimpers against my lips. "Good at this…ugh…so good…"

I dip my finger inside him and he grunts before tightening his hand around us and stroking faster. Our moans are mingled and I can feel myself teetering on the edge of something when I hear a shriek from somewhere inside the room.

"Ronald Weasley! How dare you man handle Harry that way," his eyes flew open to reveal and with dawning horror he stared at his Mum standing just inside the closed door. "The two of you!"

"Mum…I can…"

What you can explain why you and Harry writhing together?

"Mrs. Weasley…we can—"

"Explain why you looked so bloody hot?"

Ron felt his stomach flip and a wave of revulsion washed over him.

"Wotcher Weasley," His mum winked and shook her head.

"Tonks?" Harry whispered as she morphed back into herself.

"Molly sent me up to get the two of you and well…"

"Bloody hell," I mutter and fall back against the sheets. "Bloody hell, Tonks."

"Well it was hot…" Tonks grins and tilts her head. "If you want to continue I'll just watch quietly in the corner."

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)

If I live long enough to get past this bloody moment in time, I swear I will make her pay!

I cover my eyes with my forearm, my chest heaving then suddenly scramble to reach for Ron's covers to cover us both up.

"Never pegged you for a voyeur," I tell her dryly. "You probably have mirrors all over your bedroom don't you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she asked with a wink before tossing our pants at us from across the room. "Now, get a move on. I'd say come on, but…"

"Get. Out." Ron growled.

Laughing, she disapparated, her departure marked with a very loud crack.

"Just great," I say sitting up. "Can't even get off now," I mumble.

"We can always toss off in the loo," Ron says and I give him a disapproving look and look down at my now flaccid cock. "She killed him," I whine.

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 03:26 am (UTC)

"Now you know how I felt over Christmas break," I grin and slip my jeans on. "Look lets just do freshening charms, yeah?"

"Yes, but this isn't about Big Red," Harry frowns and pulls on his jeans. "This is about me! It will never work again I just know it."

I roll my eyes and tug pull a Canons t-shirt from the floor, I hold it up to my nose and smell to see if its clean before putting it on. Harry's tugging at his clothing and I laugh when he stumbles trying to get his trainers on.

"Look Harry," I waggle my eyebrows. "If you want I'll do some healing on Gargantuan at Hogwarts."

His eyes widen, his nostrils flare, and he licks his lips, "In the Quidditch changing room?"

I nod and tug his hand, "We need breakfast first I reckon--and to talk to Dumbledore."

We leave the room and head down to the kitchen. Tonks is sitting at the table smirking and she nudges Remus with her elbow.

"Hello Harry," Remus says quietly. "Ron. Are the two of you ready to go."

"Remus," Mum says. "They need a spot of breakfast first."

"Molly," Remus stands and smooths his robes over his chest. "Minerva has arranged for them to have breakfast in Dumbledore's office."

I look over at Tonks, who winks, and she lifts her hand to wave. She's got a new ring and I freeze for a moment before blurting out.

"Hold on there," I point at Tonks. "What's that?"

Tonks' face turns red and Remus clears his throat, "We weren't going to say anything but we got married last night."

Harry lets a gasp of delight escape his lips and immediately rushes to hug Remus.

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Posted at: July 27th, 2007 03:42 am (UTC)

"Married!" I hug Remus hard and watch Ron move to hug Tonks out of the corner of my eye. "That's brilliant!"

Molly is dabbing the corner of her eyes and she whispers, "Dumbledore would be pleased."

"He would," I say and fight the urge to pull Tonks away from Ron. "Congratulations, Tonks."

"Aurors always get their men," Tonks grins and hugs Ron again. "Sorry there wasn't time to invite you. Remus was a bit spontaneous."

I watch as Remus blushes and I waggle my eyebrows. He clears his throat and coughs loudly before motioning towards the door.

"Ready to Portkey to Hogsmeade?"

My stomach lurches and I nod quickly. Molly kisses my forehead and I follow Ron and Tonks to the door.

"It will be all right, Harry."

I just wish I felt as sure. I never been afraid to talk to Dumbledore until now.

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Posted at: July 28th, 2007 12:57 am (UTC)

I follow Tonks to the door and I can tell I'm grinning stupidly. I swear blokes aren't suppose to get excited about weddings but it's actually rather cool that in the midst of all this...well someone is happy.

I hear Remus grunt and when I turn around I get an arm full of Harry.


"My cloak," Harry pushes past Remus. "Dumbledore told me to keep it with me and I haven't been. He'll be disappointed in me."

Harry takes off a trot and Remus arches his eyebrow at me, "Is he nervous?"

I nod slowly, "I think so. He believes he knows what he has to do and I trust Harry. But I think Moody is out of his skull."

"What do you mean," Remus asks softly and Tonks nudges me. "Ron, you need to tell me what's on your mind."

"He shouldn't have separated us," I mutter. "Look it has nothing to do with our relationship. He's not doing well without me. I'm the one who protected him when he was having nightmares and I'm the one who kept people like Seamus from running him down."

Remus shoves his hands into his pockets and sighs, "I didn't agree with the decision. The Order had their reasons."

"Maybe it's time for a new Order," Tonks takes my arm. "Oi Potter our Portkey is going to leave with out you."

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Posted at: July 28th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)

I rush down the stair and Molly stops me, "Dear did you even try to brush your hair this morning. I do wish you would talk to Ron about letting me cut his hair."

As If I'd want one strand of hair cut

"Of course Mrs. Weasley," I try not to flinch when she smooths my hair down with a wet comb. "I'm going to cause us to miss the Portkey."

"Do be careful dear," Molly pats my head a final time and I rush out the door. "I'll be making Shepherd's Pie for dinner so be back by seven." Molly calls out.

I chuckle when I see the Cricket Bat Ron is holding in his hands and Tonks shrugs.

"We've taken to using Muggle items," Tonks grins. "I told Moody a Death Eater might consider that a weapon."

"Harry, Ron," Remus reaches out his hand and touches the bat. "It's time."

I wrap my hand around it and feel the normal tug behind my navel. My stomach lurches as the four of us are hurled into the air. With in moment I land hard on a cobbled side street and rub my knee as I look around for Ron.

"Just once," Ron mutters as he sits up and rubs the back of his head. "Just once I'd like to land on my feet."

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Posted at: July 28th, 2007 04:25 am (UTC)

Harry snorts and I look over at him, "Shut up, Harry! You didn't fair much better yourself."

A moment later Remus and Tonks appear beside us and as they land neatly on the ground I glare up at Tonks.

"One would think," I mutter. "You would show me how to Portkey properly in training."

Harry stands up slowly and turns to face the castle. He stares for a moment, his eyes lingering on the Astronomy tower, and I think I see a sheen of tears in his eyes. I guide Remus and Tonks' attention away from Harry, just to give him a moment, and after I point out the changes to The Three Broomsticks I feel Harry's hand fall on my shoulder.


"Yes, Ron?" Remus looks at me and I grin.

"Can we go now? I'm starving and I could eat a Hippogriff."

Harry and Tonks laugh as we start toward the gate that will allow us entrance to Hogwarts.

"Remus," Harry quips. "We best get him to the castle soon because quite frankly Ron gets cranky when he's hungry."

"Oi! I do not!"

"You do," Harry nods solmenly.

I can suddenly feel the tension coming off of him in waves. Remus and Tonks are laughing at us but everyone else on the street is staring. Maybe it's the sound of laughter that startled them. They act as if they have never heard the sound of happiness. Of course right now I reckon there isn't a great deal of that going around.

We pass a group of old men and they stare pointedly at Harry's scar before turning their back on him.


We reach the gate and Remus looks to Harry, "Could you send your Patronus ahead to let Minerva know we're coming?"

Harry pulls his wand out and looks at me. He steps through the gates and shouts, "Expecto Patronus!"

A beam of silver shoots from the tip of his wand, forming a stag, and it takes off at a canter across the grounds.

I snag Harry's robes and lean down to whisper in his ear, "Welcome home, Mate."

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Posted at: July 28th, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)

I was nearly overcome in Hogsmeade staring up at Hogwarts. It was almost frightening how quickly the memories had flooded back to me. I remember meeting Ron on the train, being sorted and chosing Gryffindor, and I remember the exact moment my heart stopped beating and I felt fear for the first time.

My eyes lingered on the Astronomy tower for several minutes and I tried to push those memories aside.

Have I done what he asked of me. I have destroyed all of them yet. Voldemort is still gaining strength, and I can't help but wonder if I'll be deemed a failure in his eyes.

We cross the grounds, the morning dew dampens the hem of my jeans, and I really just want to reach out and take Ron's hand. There's a part of me that wants to hide from this moment.

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley," Professor McGonagall comes rushing out the castle doors. "Dobby is waiting to serve you breakfast in Albus' my office and Nymphadora and Remus there's a message waiting for you in my classroom."

I move through the doors to the castle, letting the smells surround me and enhance my memories, and I look around quickly before threading my fingers through Ron's. We move swiftly towards Dumbledore's office and the sense of anticipation and fear increases. Ron stops walking and pulls my next to a suit of armor.

"Relax, Harry," he whispers and dips his head. He kisses me firmly on the lips and pulls away quickly.

"Did you plan on making me boneless," I mutter and try to get the sensation back in my legs. "Because you did a really good job."

"Not as good as Lockhart," He quips and leads me down the hall. "We forgot to get the password."

"I think I'll know it," I mutter and rub the back of my neck. "I think I'll just know."

He gives me a strange look as we arrive at the Gargoyle guarding the entrance to Dumbledore's office.

"Chocolate Torte," I say firmly and the Gargoyle begins moving aside. I step onto the stairs leading to Dumbledore's office and pull Ron on behind me.

Ron's eyes widen as he takes in the office. His fingers tighten on mine and he nods at a sleeping portrait on the wall.

"Harry Potter," Dobby appears from out of no where. "Dobby made a feast for you and your Wheezy."

Ron's stomach growls and I laugh. I move to sit down at the table and Dobby throws himself at me, sobbing into my shirt, and I pat his head as he cries.

"Dobby missed Harry Potter."

"I missed you too Dobby."

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Posted at: July 28th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC)

We eat breakfast surrounded by Dobby chattering. He is so excited to see Harry that he's nearly trembling in delight.

Both of us keep stealing glances at Dumbledore's portrait and when we're finished eating Dobby clears away the food.

"Harry Potter's Wheezy," Dobby approaches me shyly and hold out a small silver object. "Professor Dumbledore has meant for you to have this but Dobby could not locate your training camp."

I stare at the object and take it from Dobby's hand. I run my finger over the cool metal and it immediately opens. I nearly drop it in surprise and stare at Harry.

"What do you reckon it is?"

"Mr. Weasley," Professor Dumbledore's voice rings out. "That it s Deluminator. It is a rather handy device, if I do say so myself."

Harry and I both stare at the portrait and something passes through Dumbledore's eyes that I don't understand.

"Hello Harry," Professor Dumbledore says, his eyes shining with a sheen of tears. "You look well."

"Hello Sir," Harry shifts on his feet. "We're sorry to disturb you."

"Harry you could never disturb me," Dumbledore smiles fondly at Harry. "But I suspect that this is more than a social call, Harry."

Harry stands still for a moment and I decide to speak up.

"Yes, Professor," I roll the Deluminator in my palm. "We need information."

The other portraits in the room mutter and Dumbledore lifts his hand.

"There are things that I can tell you but things that you must discover on your own, inside yourself."

"Professor," Harry begins. "We need to ask you about Hermione and Ginny's wands."

"You have fused them together?"

"Yes, sir," I say softly and run my hand through my hair. "There is power in them that we don't know how to control."

"I would imagine so," Dumbledore sighs. "Harry, I believe you, better than anyone, understand what a selfless act giving your life for another person is. We have spoke many times of the protection left inside you by your mother."

Harry nods, "Sir, does that mean, that is to say that because Hermione and Ginny died to protect us that we are protected."

"Precisely," Dumbledore nods and looks at me over the top of his glasses. "You look astonished Mr. Weasley. Surely you know the power of love after your experience here several months ago. I believe that both Miss Granger and your sister help you come to a decision."

"Yes, Sir."

"The wands are powerful but only when held by you and Mr. Weasley, Harry. The draw from the bond you share."

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Posted at: July 29th, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)

"The bond we share," I muse and stare at Dumbledore. "You know we've been separated-can you tell me why? What is Mad-Eye thinking?"

Dumbledore is silent for several moments and sighs, "Regretfully I have no sway with Alastor. What they are teaching the two of you is valuable and even some Unforgivables have merrit but haven't you realized that it is not an Unforgivable that you need to defeat Voldemort."

"Sir?" I say and rub my scar as it begins to tingle and burn. "I don't understand."

"Voldemort," Dumbledore says firmly. "Understands Unforgiveables. He understands pain and fear. This is a power he relishes but you--" He glances at Ron I can't help but notice that Ron is staring at him intently. "The two of you can not bear to use them."


"Alastor is wrong in this instance," Dumbledore looks at the two of us intently. "How many Horcruxes are left?"

"Two," I reply. "We, that is Ron and I felt that after Hermione died when needed to further our education."

"Do you remember when I told you," Dumbledore said thoughtfully and smiles at me. "The our love ones never truly leave us?"

"Yes, Sir."

I can't help wondering what Dumbledore is trying to say and I shake my head.

"You must think about that Harry and you as well Mr. Weasley."

"Sir," Ron jumps in and begins pacing the room. "You're being as clear as mud."

I can sense Ron's mounting frustration and I move towards him.

"Can't you just tell us what we need to know," Ron shouts. "Hermione understood riddles and well I'm a bit thicker than her. I need you to spell this out for me. What do I have to do to protect Harry?"

Posted by: Auror Weasley (auror_weasley)
Posted at: July 29th, 2007 03:21 am (UTC)

He's maddening he is. I don't know how Harry did this all of sixth year. I want this spelled out for me. What is this power? Love, well yeah I reckon we've got that but it's not a spell--We can't hug Voldemort to death!

"Mr. Weasley I believe you have in your possession Miss Granger's journal?"

"How did you know that?" I breath and give Harry a startled look. "I mean yes I do have it."

"I suggest the two of you read it closely," Dumbledore says firmly. "There is more than just her memories of you in there. Before her death I gave her a book that contained information to assist you on your quest."

"But--" Harry bursts out. "We're invading her privacy. Her thoughts! It's no better than spying on Voldemort with my mind."

"Trust me, Harry," Dumbledore nods at me. "As Mr. Weasley has shown you these are dangerous times, people are dying, and only you can end this."

"What if he choses not to fight," I burst out. "What if I take him away from here and protect him?"

"Then Voldemort will take over and the life you grew up knowing will vanish. Your family will be persecuted as Blood-Traitors and killed."

My entire body breaks out in gooseflesh and I sigh, "So there is no choice. We have to do this?"

"No, Mr. Weasley," Dumbledore looks down at me. "There is always a choice but you and Harry's choices over the years have made you the young men I see before me today. I believe you will choose what is right instead of running away because both of you have always faced difficult choices and shined."

He's right, I know he's right, and I will fight. It's a fight for survival isn't it? The right to live? I couldn't abandon my family this way but my need to protect Harry is so strong.

"Ron do you want to fight? I'll understand if you don't." Harry says softly and touches my arm. "I couldn't bear to lose you but I have to finish it. It has to be me."

"I'm with you, Harry," I say softly. "Whatever happens."

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Posted at: July 29th, 2007 03:27 am (UTC)

"Good," Dumbledore interupts us and I look at him. "Harry please open my desk drawer. I have something that the Ministry should have given you upon my death but has chosen not to."

I open the top drawer on his desk and stare at a gold snitch lying amongst a littering of lemon-drop boxes.

"Yes, the Snitch," Dumbledore says when my hand closes around it. "That is from your first Quidditch match. I thought you might like to have it."

I pick it up and stare at it for several moments and read the inscription that is etched into it.

I open at the close

"Sir, what does the inscription--" My voice trails off when I hear a snore from Dumbledore's portrait.

"He fell asleep as soon as your hand closed around it, Mate." Ron says and moves to read over my shoulder. "I open at the close...what does that mean?"

"I've no idea," I sigh and lean back against Ron. "No idea at all."